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SmartBot is a cross-border collaboration between 24 different partners from Germany and the Netherlands. The aim is to develop multi sensor robot platforms for maritime, agricultural and industry applications. The SmartBot project strengthens the collaboration between different parties in both economical and technological ways. The project also helps create a global knowledge hotspot on sensorrobotics in the border-region of Germany and the Netherlands.

The SmartBot project consists of three sub projects:

  • Roboship (shipping industry): an autonomous intelligent robot for the inspection and repair of ballast water tanks of ships.
  • Sinbot (industry): a pilot environment for intelligent use of industrial robotics in a production environment. The first application will be focused on the production of composite material for the transport sector.
  • AgroBot (agriculture): (semi) autonomous robot systems operating in dynamical environments. These systems will be able to work on complex tasks without damaging the environment (for example a robot that recognizes and pulls out the weeds).