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The agricultural sector is on the eve of many changes. Introduction of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a growing desire for sustainably produced food and an increasing global demand for food and agricultural commodities are just a few reasons for change. In addition, due to population aging and population decline, also the number of people that are in the agriculture.
A further (and now standard) efficiency improvement by scaling seems this is not the right answer. Large and heavy machinery leading to soil erosion and irreparable damage to the soil, the landscape dramatically. Moreover, the development of even larger, heavier and faster agricultural machinery soon its statutory limits. In short, the time to jointly invest in innovative technologies such as sensor and robot technology, a new generation of agricultural machinery to develop these complex challenges can enter. With this breakthrough technology companies like Grimme, Strautmann and Amazon a competitive advantage sustainable building.
In the AgroBot project there are five models to be developed. These are a scarecrow robot, a weed removal robot, a volunteer potato removal robot, a feed robot and (the most complex) a beet harvesting robot.

Objectives AgroBot 
The AgroBot project aims to develop basic technologies needed for constructing multiple, agriculture, robotic demonstration models with different application. Designing, constructing and developing this demonstration models will provide insight into the robot and sensor technologies required to achieve the desired functionality of the robot.

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