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The current industrial robots play an important role in the performance of repetitive tasks, for example, in the mass production of consumergoods. They perform their tasks accurately and cost effectively over a longer period.
To survive in a competitive market the European manufacturing industry moves increasingly in the direction of production with high added value. This trend has been seen for example by the presence of manufacturing cells, rapid product change or the introduction of “one-off production”. This type of production is increasingly realized by introducing automation/mechanization, software integration, sensing, communication and cooperation between systems. In the design and use of industrial robots is this shift has not yet begun.
Within the SInBot project it is attempted to realize this shift also. Industrial robots need to have a higher intelligence, a better communication collaboration, a versatile deployment and effortless acquisition of processes. Only thus can a production (alternating) unique copies/single pieces, or small series to be established.

The SInBot project will in the coming years focus on the development of the methodology and tools for facilitating the definition, selection and use of intelligent, decentralized cooperation of industrial robots for production purposes.

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jeroen wevers

Jeroen Wevers
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